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KKCG is a Vancouver based firm with registered design professionals. With over 20 years of experience in prime consulting and interior design, we stay current on all building codes and bylaws so every project is delivered to meet industry standards.

We often provide test fit plans to potential clients, landlords and real estate leasing professionals. This exercise help tenants better understand their current space layout and what future effects a new space could bring. Our team will prepare the programming requirements through interviews and discussions to create the most suitable floor plan for that space. Also included will be a 3-D visual plan to complete the test fit package. This will assure the clients get a good understanding of what their potential space will be like.

Full Interior Design services include a series of integral steps that we manage to ensure a successful project. We employ a proven method of Project Management which allows for precise tracking of progress to minimize surprises. 

KKCG works with full visual photo-realistic 

3 dimensional rendering for clients that wishes to have this services rendered. Often on a larger projects where special finishes and architectural features are introduced, this method provides confidence to client that design intent is fully communicated and what to expect at final stage of the project.

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